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Best Home Consult, Specialised in charming homes and prestige properties

BEST HOME CONSULT is a real estate office located in the Roosevelt district in Brussels and specialised in the sale and rental of residential properties in the higher price category, primarily in Ukkel, Elsene and Sint Genesius Rode. In addition, our specialisation is also the sale of charming properties and castles across Belgium.

Our team of experienced specialists in real estate, who are all recognised by the B.I.V., offer you complete, high-quality service, seven days a week, with the motto: efficiency, discretion and safe transactions Take advantage of our services and see the difference!

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Mandate to search for real estate

You live abroad or outside Brussels and you do not have time to search for your new villa or apartment in Brussels.

BEST HOME CONSULT can help you to find real estate that perfectly fulfils your requirements, being offered by any Belgian agent. You will thus have only one contact person who will investigate the complete range of offerings and who knows precisely what you're seeking, without that costing you anything.


Our rental service can provide a free estimate of the rental value of your property.

This service provides the property description upon conclusion of the agreement, as well as completion of the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

Our main goal is to find the best possible renter for you so that you are protected as much as possible against non-payment. We therefore select the potential candidates by carefully investigating their reputation and solvency.

Finally, our attorneys create a rental contract that best meets your expectations.

Free estimate of your real estate

Rely on a specialist before putting your property up for sale!

BEST HOME CONSULT provides you, within 48 hours, free and without obligation on your side, with an estimate of the sales value of your villa, house or apartment.

New residential

We also have a real estate promotion service available that brings new buildings to the market.

Supported by our best specialists, you can purchase your dream apartment without any worries and be supported in furnishing your property.

Mortgage credit

BEST HOME CONSULT finds your dream house or apartment for you, as well as the credit that you need, with the best terms and conditions.

After an examination of your file, our credit lender helps you to find the best solution, suitable for your profile.

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